Dog mauling in Anza prompts sweep of stray dogs in community

ANZA, Calif. (KABC) -- A mauling that left a woman in critical condition triggered a massive stray-dog sweep in Riverside County on Wednesday.

Officers with the Riverside County Department of Animal Services fanned out across Anza in search of stray-dog packs.

"Today's operation is based on some complaints of roaming loose dogs in this area, which is spurred by a recent incident. A victim was mauled pretty severely by three pit bulls in the Anza area," said Chris Mayer with the Riverside County Department of Animal Services.

The maul on Saturday morning left the female victim in critical condition. The three dogs are now in quarantine at the county's animal shelter.

"We had a hearing this morning to try to move forward and deem these dogs vicious and obtain a destruction order," Mayer said.

Anza residents said the number of stray dogs roaming in the community has gotten out of control.

"It is horrendous, all the wild dogs. It's just nuts," said Linda Micu.

Micu said just last week, a pack of stray dogs nearly wiped out her livestock.

"My goat's gone, my sheep are gone, two of the pigs are gone. Luckily they didn't kill my sow, but they wounded her pretty good," she said.

The roundup had animal control officers setting out traps and luring the strays with cans of dog food. Four of five dogs were taken from an empty homeless encampment.

"Leash law applies no matter where you live in the county of Riverside," Mayer said. "You cannot let your dog run loose off your property without being leashed."
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