Lack of award show glamour hurts charity

HOLLYWOOD (KABC) "The one thing you could always rely on in Hollywood, besides fires and mudslides, is awards shows. And they seem to be disappointing us this year," said actress Jane Kaczmarek of Clothes Off Our Backs.

Since 2002, the charity Clothes Off Our Backs has been literally asking celebrities for the clothes they wore to high-profile events. Then in turn, the group auctions off those fashions to raise money to support various children's causes.

Kaczmarek is one of the founders of Clothes Off Our Backs, and she tells Eyewitness News the charity has been hit hard by the cancellation of red carpet festivities -- most notably the Golden Globes. The charity estimates it will lose significant revenue from a reduction in clothing donations during this scaled-back awards season.

"So we have had to think of other ways to raise money, because the children's charities are so dependent on us," said Kaczmarek.

They came up with one new auction, teaming up with Little Black Dress wines to sell 16 little black dresses that have been worn by some of Hollywood's top stars.

Kaczmarek says they also have some formal attire that came in late in the season after last year's awards, including the tuxedo Martin Scorsese wore when he won his Oscar last year, and the dress Helen Mirren wore when she won the SAG award.

They've also been receiving donations from concerned stars willing to help.

"It's a good time to clean out your closets, Hollywood," said Kaczmarek. "I always say I won't be happy until everyone is Hollywood is naked."

The next online auction will be underway on Friday.

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