Vote 08: Clinton, Obama in tight race

NEW YORK (KABC) In fact, the results are just too close in New Mexico.

In California, Sen. Clinton got a big win. Clinton currently leads with 52 percent to Obama's 42 percent with 95 percent of the precincts reporting. Absentee ballots are still being counted.

What it appears Super Tuesday has done is keep the Democratic race very much in play, without deciding anything. Obama won in 13 states, Clinton in eight. But Clinton won the big ones like New York, California, and Massachusetts.

Clinton also won American Samoa, Arizona, Arkansas, New Jersey, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

Clinton came out to address her supporters more than an hour before the polls closed in California.

Based on ABC estimates, Clinton has the edge with 42 percent of the delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination, but it's very close. Clinton won among women, older voters, and Hispanics. The exit polls estimate a record Hispanic turnout in California. She received 69 percent of the Hispanic vote.

It's been a split decision that guarantees the race will continue for months, perhaps into the Democratic Convention in the fall.

"Tonight I look forward to continuing our campaigns and our debates about how to leave this country better off for the next generation because that is the work of my life," said Sen. Clinton.

Obama wasn't as congratulatory. The Illinois senator told supporters the race is between him and a candidate who accepts money from special interests in Washington. It's an indication that the fight will be tough.

According to exit polls, Obama did well among black and young voters, and he split the white male vote. In Georgia, 88 percent of the black voters backed Obama. He is expected to do well next week in Nebraska and Louisiana.

"There is one thing on this February night that we do not need the final results to know. Our time has come," said Sen. Obama.

Obama won in Alabama, Alaska (caucus), Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Utah.

Some of the delegates are still being allocated.

Clinton wants four debates between now and the end of this month. She's done well in the debates, and hopes to do well again.


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