Couple happy with birth of quadruplets

ORANGE New mother Patsy Lovell holds little Addison, the baby girl; Addison was the last one born behind her brother Landan, her sister Avery, and her other brother Braydan.

Lovell's partner Cristine Gaiennie gave birth to the quadruplets last week.

"Can't believe they're finally here," said Gaiennie.

Gaiennie carried the four babies for almost 35 weeks. She had to spend several weeks in the hospital.

"Cristine did good phenomenal job carrying them to close to 35 weeks, which is kind of unheard of for quads," said Lovell.

The weight of the babies has also happily surprised many. Avery came in at five pounds; Landon three pounds, 13 ounces; Braydan three pounds, 13 ounces; and Addison weighed four pounds.

Lovell and Gaiennie also have a two-year-old son Jordan. He - like his brothers and sisters - were born with the help of the same anonymous sperm donor.

Lovell and Gaiennie met while working as dispatchers with the Irvine Police Department 14 years ago. Their friendship turned into a relationship five years ago. While they never dreamed of having quads, the shock is wearing off as they realize what's ahead.

"Ten diapers per baby, per day, so that's 40 diapers per day, times seven. I think when you take out calculator and can't believe how expensive it will be," said Lovell.

But the two say it is well worth it. They'll have to keep working, but they have lots of friends and family to help.

"We have a lot of support, but one of us will always be home, which is promise we made to one another," said Gaiennie.

The new moms hope to bring their baby boys and baby girls home by the end of the month. In the meantime, they'll stay at Children's Hospital of Orange County, where they continue to grow and gain strength.


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