Finding the right bra size can be challenging

LOS ANGELES For more than 100 years women have been hooked on bras, but that doesn't mean finding one is a snap.

Many women agree comfort, cleavage and curves don't always come easy.

"I've been buying bras that they slip around. They don't stay in place," says Sara Minks, a bra makeover customer.

"My biggest problem is finding a bra that provides support," said Jennifer Galang, a bra makeover customer.

"They're just too tight," said Nadia Saburov.

Glamour Magazine Executive Fashion Editor Suze Yalof Schwartz came to the rescue. Suze and her team set out to find the best bras for these brave women.

"One out of every three women is wearing the wrong bra for her body. So what we did was we pulled in all these bras and we have over 600 bras here right now. I hired my secret weapon, this is Eyvette from the town shop. That's where I go in New York City where I basically get fit. You need to get fit at least one time a year because your bust size changes with weight gain, with weight loss and with age," said Yalof Schwartz.

Wendy Cohen recently lost 110 pounds, but she still wears the same 44 Double-D bra.

"You've got the lumps and bumps. There's no under wire which is making your breasts look completely lopsided and it just doesn't look good in clothing. That says it all, it's like deflated, you can see it's like completely bagging," said Yalof Schwartz.

She's now a 34-E bra size.

"I mean wow Wendy, this is like insane. It's holding you in, rounding you off, making your decolletage look much thinner than before. It was as if you were wearing a harness, not good," said Yalof Schwartz.

Ayana Byrd is in search of a miracle lift of her own.

"She's got the droop going on, droopy booby which is not good. Also it has no support this bra. It's creating the uni-boob. What we want to do is lift and separate. Ayana has maybe the best chest ever, it turns out that you are a 30-D," said Yalof Schwartz.

"Yes. I use to wear 34-Bs, 32-Cs," said Byrd.

"And that's why you were kind of busting out of here. I love this Natori bra, it's totally separating her, its prefect underneath a T-shirt. It has a clear strap so its perfect when you're wearing a deep plunging neck line that's low," said Yalof Schwartz.

Maureen Lynch was literally spilling out of her bra.

"This is a problem a lot of women have, you see the east west thing. It's like half of the bust is spilling out under the arm pit and that just doesn't look good underneath clothing. Now we're north south. It looks fantastic. It's a higher cut on the side. We have great cleavage here and there's a little bit of a push-up. It's brand new, the i bra," said Yalof Schwartz.

These women found their magic bras and so can you.

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