Orange County is shortening its name

ANAHEIM It's been named Orange County for almost 120 years since March of 1889 when it was split from Los Angeles County, but now some county supervisors are reorganizing and renaming several departments in an effort to save money. They want to use simply the initials the OC.

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The new departments will be OC Public Works and OC Community Resources. The reorganization will allow smaller departments to share administrative resources and reduce duplicative services, said County Executive Officer Thomas Mauk.

Under the action, the OC name will be slapped on such departments as OC Public Libraries and OC Animal Care. Both will fall under OC Community Resources that will also include OC Parks and OC Community Services.

OC Public Works will include OC Planning, OC Road & Flood and OC Facilities.

Also renamed is the OC Dana Point Harbor.

The name change is causing controversy in the county as many residents don't like the idea. Many say it's simply a move to try to ride the wave of popularity of some TV shows and movies that call the county simply the OC.

"I don't like it, not at all," said Orange County resident Helen Babin.

"I think they should just leave everything alone, that's just my personal opinion," said Orange County resident Diane Barraza. "I like it Orange County."

There is a push to rename John Wayne Airport to John Wayne Orange County Airport, in an effort to brand the county as a tourist destination. Some have even suggested changing it to The O.C. Airport.

One of John Wayne's sons said that the name change proponents were trying to capitalize on shallow pop culture.

Orange County supervisors say this reorganization and renaming could actually save them about $500,000 a year, but some residents wonder how changing the name is going to save any money.


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