Naked intruder on the loose in Newport

NEWPORT BEACH Police say the suspect creeps into homes. In one case he entered through an unlocked front door another time, through an open patio door.

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"Had a female victim sleeping on a bed and who was awoken to a naked male standing in the room masturbating. The only thing he was wearing was a dark colored beanie," said Sgt. Evan Sailor, Newport Beach Police.

The incidents happened in the early morning hours. Both apartments are located on Balboa Blvd. in Newport Beach.

One incident was reported Sunday March 30. The most recent incident happened last Tuesday.

"My friend says he's slim and looks like a surfer," said Vince Mungo, Newport Beach resident.

Mungo says his neighbor was one of the victims. "They are freaked out. They actually had an extension cord going through their window because their power was out. They had an extension from our bathroom to their window. He must have been looking down the hall way or down between both houses and that's how he found it."

Police say as soon as the female victims noticed the suspect in their room he quickly left the way he came in.

"As a woman I am like scared because I do not know what is next, could it be me or somebody I know," said Jennifer Miller, Newport Beach resident.

Police believe the suspect may live in the area.

"I'd like to think there's not some creeper living around the corner from me, but realistically you never really know until this sort of thing happens. I hope they're able to catch the person," said Peter Corzine, a resident.

The suspect is described as a white male who is 25 to 30-years-old. He is 6 feet tall and 190 pounds and he has a thin muscular build.

"My windows are always closed now and my doors are always locked. I hope everybody else can do that to," said Miller.

Police are asking for the public's help. If you have any information you are urged to call the Newport Police Department at 949-644-3771.


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