Ethnic tensions erupt at local school

VALLEY GLEN Grant High School held an Armenian remembrance assembly on campus Wednesday, and that is when the ethnic tensions erupted in a shouting match between the students.

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LAPD says that a group of Hispanic students started to square off with a group of Armenian students at around lunch time, and that is when tensions started to rise. School police at Grant High School then decided to put the campus on immediate lockdown.

Approximately two dozen school officers were called onto the campus. Police say that they feared there might be tension at the rally based on problems that have occurred in the past. They initially had seven officers on campus, but when they saw the Armenian and Hispanic students starting to square off, they called in for backup.

Officials then put the school in lockdown mode, sending all of the students back to their classrooms.

"The students that were involved in the friction were sent home with their parents. We did ask the parents to pick them up themselves. Some of the students were suspended over the next couple of days. We will sort all of that out on Monday when the students return," said Principal Linda Ibach of Grant High. "We will have extra officers on campus over the next two days and on Monday as well, just to make sure that we are all calmed down."

The lockdown lasted a few hours. Police say that no arrests were made.


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