Volunteers clean up Griffith Park

LOS ANGELES It has been one year this month since a wildfire tore through Griffith Park scorching some 800 acres and forcing hundreds of evacuations.

For conservationists Snowdy Dodson it was a nightmare to watch.

"I was sick to my stomach because we have so little natural space for our Angelenos," said Snowdy Dodson from the CA Native Plants Society.

The parks natural landscape has been making a comeback. A good amount of rainfall towards last year helped native vegetation sprout.

Unfortunately invasive weeds have also grown back and at a faster rate providing fuel for fires if left to flourish.

"Pretty soon you have an ecosystem that doesn't support native wildlife. We want this to return to something that is a habitat that the wildlife can rely on and survive in," said Peggy Nguyen from the L.A. City Department of Recreation and Parks.

To get rid of all of the weeds, the L.A. City Department of Recreation and Parks is calling on volunteers to donate time and dig them up.

Volunteers are scheduled to meet twice a week across from the Greek Theatre.

They first get together as a group for a 15 minute orientation to learn about which non-native plants need to be pulled. They also learn which native plants need to be left alone.

The orientation provides brochures of what volunteers need to look for. Those who showed up on Tuesday say that it was a big task to get rid of the invasive weeds, but that it needs to be done.

"You can see how brown they turn there. That is another fire waiting to happen,"said Dodson.

And after witnessing last year's blaze volunteers say grabbing some gloves and a shovel is the least they can do to protect the park that they love.

"We just need to fight off those invasives and we'll be back in business," said Nguyen.


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