Hot new fashion looks for less

From fabrics to styles, dresses to jeans. It doesn't matter what your body type, you can find fashions for less. You just have to know where to look.

"You pull it out of your closet. You put it on, and all you have to think about is what heels you're going to pair it with," said Alison Deyette from Style Bakery.

"So first off, we've got Katie. She's wearing this fabulous chocolate, polka dot dress. It's got ruching around the waist. Little spaghetti straps," said Deyette.

At $50 from Fashion Bug, the dress is affordable.

A green ruffle dress says flirty and fun. Deyette paired a green dress by SL Fashions with some bronze peep toe shoes from DWS Shoe Warehouse.

The safari trend is back with a laid back look.

Deyette paired a trendy shirt dress with a dark brown braided belt. Shoppers can pick up the dress at Lane Bryant for only $69.

"Metallics, truly, have almost become a classic part of your wardrobe. You've gotta have it, because it can really give that va-va factor to an outfit," said Deyette.

Lew Magram makes a jersey white Grecian style dress with a gold v-neck for $60.

When it comes to jeans, you don't have to spend an arm and a leg when it comes to getting the right fit.

"The best deal for girls who are trying to get a little bootylicious is to add jeans that have a patch pocket, because that extra bit of fabric will add a little umph-umph in the back area," said Deyette.

You can find some patch pocket Angel jeans at Fashion Bug for $30.

Women with curves have more options these days at Lane Bryant.

"They also make shape styles. So, if you're boy cut. If you're curvy. If you've got more booty and thighs, they have specific styles so you get, as they say, your right fit for your body shape," said Deyette.

Remember Gitano jeans? The look is new, but it's still only $37.

"What I also liked, is the pockets were farther set apart because we wanted to create a little more curve on her body as well," said Deyette.

Low rise jeans may be all the rage, but they're not for everybody.

"If you've got a muffin top, it's going to come over the top of your jeans, so go for mid-rise because a mid-rise you still get the trendy cut, but it flattens your stomach," said Deyette.


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