Prep for the beach with a 'back facial'

ENCINO When we talk about getting "back" in shape for summer, many of us probably neglect the part of the body that's exposed the most. Your back.

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Donna is a fashion stylist. She knows firsthand how back acne can completely ruin an outfit.

So she heads to her aesthetician for regular "back" facials.

"The back facial is using almost the same technique and treatments like we use for the face," said Mariana Ghemigian.

"If you wear revealing -- and I tend to wear revealing -- dresses and tank tops and bathing suits, it's an important maintenance process for myself," said Donna.

At Sylvie's Skin and Body Care, Donna gets a thorough cleansing, steaming and extraction, followed by a mask and toner.

"Always use a toner after a cleanser because the toner restores the PH balance of the skin," said Mariana.

Dermatologist Don Mehrabi says the back contains a lot of oil glands. While acne can be a result of hormonal changes in women, Dr. Mehrabi gets a lot of men asking for help.

"A lot of those males get back acne from working out or being active, running," said Dr. Mehrabi.

But you don't have to go to a pricey spa. You can help yourself at home.

Dr. Mehrabi recommends back brushes or loofah sponges with salicylic- and glycolic-acid body washes. But he cautions: Don't use products with high concentrations. The skin on your back is actually quite sensitive.

"The superficial chemical peels for back acne, the back tends to burn fairly easily," said Dr. Mehrabi.

Mild cases should see results fairly quickly.

"If you're using the right products you should see beneficial effects in two to three weeks," said Dr. Mehrabi.

Severe acne may require antibiotics or even Accutane.

Donna says monthly facials on her back cleared up her acne. So this summer she's not ashamed to bare her back.

"I have told women and well as men that it's an important area to maintain and keep healthy and glowing and young," said Donna.


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