Green weddings growing in popularity

From the wedding party, to the meal, and the perfect location, going green is going global and it's getting a lot easier to do.

Wedding planner and author of "the Beauty of Green Weddings," Angelica Weihs, says that the trend towards green is growing, from an eco-limo service that runs on bio diesel, to organic makeup from companies, like Salon Carabella.

"Super cool and super different. Do it green because it is so much more creative," said Weihs

Weihs says some parts of going green can be more expensive.

"If you go for organic food [it's] definitely more expensive, but there are all these different shades of green," said Weihs.

Saddle Peak Lodge in Calabasas sources its food locally, instead of having it flown in. It also serves as an all-in-one location, another eco-friendly concept limiting fuel consumption.

"Nearly every wedding we do, we combine the two. Some nights we'll do it the night before. We'll do rehearsal dinner the night before, and then they'll return for the reception and the wedding," said Iain Wallings from Saddle Peak Lodge.

For centerpieces with an edge, Weihs suggests using recycled materials, Beachwood, and potted plants.

Invitations also have a new look.

"In 2005 and before, it was green and recycled is gray, is beige, is carton, it's card box," said Weihs.

The bridal party looks just as modern with dresses that are handed down, or bought on consignment.

"I make eco-friendly bridal gowns out of fabrics that are eco-conscious, either a combination of recycled materials, such as the vintage laces in the bridal gown. And then, in that gown, I used organic linen. And then, in the bridesmaids' gowns, I used vintage sari fabric and silk," said designer Deborah Lindquist.

So what makes a wedding cake green-friendly?

"That's two things. All of the ingredients I use are organic. And then, none of the ingredients have any animal products in it, and they're completely dairy-free and egg-free," said Michelle White-Rodriguez from Sweet and Organic Custom Cakes and Desserts.

For wedding favors, think utility. Weihs found a "Blooms from the Heart" strawberry kit to grow your own. Put it in a gift bag made of recycled material.

"I think reuse is the biggest word for weddings. So, as long as you reuse everything you buy, you already make a really big step," said Weihs.


Green Weddings and Events

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