Convicted ex-USC student gets probation

LOS ANGELES A judge sentenced her to time served and five years probation since the case began in 2005 for allegedly dumping her newborn baby in a dumpster near USC.

Prosecutors in the case tried several times to put Ashcraft on trial for murder, but each time the charges were dismissed because of a lack of evidence. Instead, Ashcraft reached a plea deal that culminated in Friday's sentencing.

Under the terms of the agreement, Ashcraft pled guilty to one count of child endangerment. She has been sentenced to five years probation and credit for two years time served.

Ashcraft will also have to submit to monthly pregnancy tests under the agreement.

"If the result of the pregnancy test indicates that it is positive, then she is ordered to seek medical treatment with an OBGYN, and if she is in fact pregnant, she is to receive prenatal medical care from an OBGYN of her choice," said Judge Kathleen Kennedy of the Los Angeles Superior Court.

If Ashcraft does not submit to the monthly tests, she would be in violation of her probation, and the judge made it clear she could be looking at 10 years in prison.

She will also need to receive psychological counseling, to which her attorney thought was a good idea.

"Anyone in this situation would need to talk to somebody, even if you weren't charged criminally," said attorney Mark Geragos.

Geragos said Ashcraft would like to go back to school, and may even go back to USC where this all started.


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