Major airlines cutting flights from LAX

LOS ANGELES Travelers are going to see higher prices and fewer flights come this fall. LAX says while some major airlines are cutting flights, Horizon Air, Emirates Airlines, and Virgin American are adding service. Airport officials also say Southwest Airlines won't be changing any of its scheduled flights.

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The cost of each takeoff is soaring and jet fuel prices may not come down. Airlines are spending billions more this year and they're cutting back where they can.

Beginning in November, passengers will have 16 percent or 1,900 fewer flights to choose from at LAX.

"It's going to be horrendous, especially coming out of [LAX]," said Scott Pringle. "It's already very, very busy and, I mean, it's just going to get more expensive and more difficult."

According to airline industry database company Innovata, the flight cuts at LAX will mean there will be 163,000 seats less for passengers each week. Analysts say fares are bound to go up. United, American and Delta are eliminating the most flights from their schedules.

Some passengers say they're already feeling the affects.

"The flight we were going to be on has just been canceled and there's going to be more of the same," said Sandy Ruelle. "That messes up your whole day. You may not get in until 10 when you were planning to get in around 4. For business trips that's very unfortunate and it takes a lot of time."

But travel agent Bob Kern says the key is to book flights well in advance. He says there are incentives for travelers to help offset higher airfares.

"We're getting a lot of sales, cheaper rates," said Kern. "I think whatever money you spend in getting there more, you save once you get there."


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