ICE encourages voluntary deportation

SANTA ANA, Calif. People living in the country illegally can go to the federal offices in Santa Ana starting Tuesday and literally turn themselves in. Officials will send them back to their country of origin, no questions asked, and they will even buy the plane ticket.

Watch video of "Operation Scheduled Departure"

It's all part of a nationwide test program "Operation Scheduled Departure" to deport illegals quickly and safely. Santa Ana is one of five cities in the county participating in the program.

According to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE), there are about 572,000 people who have been given final deportation orders. These people have not committed crimes, so starting Tuesday, they can go to the ICE office in Santa Ana, and they will be sent back.

They won't be arrested, they won't have to pay a fine and they won't even have to wear a tracking device. ICE will even given them 90 days to get their affairs in order before they leave.

Anyone who has committed a crime will not be eligible for the program.

Critics say asking an illegal immigrant to voluntarily deport themselves is "pure fantasy." ICE, on the other hand, is hoping the program will work. They said they have been cracking down by conducting raids across the nation in homes and businesses.

Illegal immigrants have from Tuesday until August 22 to turn themselves in.


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