Marilyn Monroe exhibit shows rare photos

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. The gallery displays everything from Norma Jean to the ballerina she portrayed for photographer Milton Greene, and the Tom Kelley 1949 calendar pinup that became Playboy's first centerfold.

See a slideshow from the Marilyn Monroe exhibit

Photographs from the Edward Weston Collection are on exhibit and for sale. The images allow for an intimate look at the career of an icon.

"The camera loved her," said gallery owner Andrew Weiss. "She was probably the most photographed person ever, and she loved it. There are very few bad photographs, if any, of her."

The exhibit has chance snapshots from her honeymoon flight to Japan with Joe DiMaggio and even a publicity still shot from the movie that was never finished, "Something's Got to Give."

The collection also includes some rare photos by Bert Stern that have not been retouched. In fact, her appendix scar is visible in one picture.

An unreleased documentary is showing at the gallery. It is another way to see the screen legend.

"When I first made the movie people were saying, 'Well, isn't there enough about her?' There really isn't a move that tells the full story, and everything from her point of view," filmmaker Allan Holzman said.

It explores her brush with the Kennedys and considers whether there might be a link to her drug overdose death 46 years ago.

For the filmmaker, it has been a five-year labor of love.

"She's impossible not to fall in love with," Holzman said.

The exhibit continues through the end of the month. A portion of the proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

If she had lived, what would an 82-year-old Marilyn think of this?

"You can never imagine her old, or at least I can't, because she's forever young," Weiss said.


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