Double coupons a policy of the past?

LOS ANGELES Just when you thought Vons was the only large grocery chain with full double-coupons they're changing the rules.

"I'm going to go home and get my coupons real fast," said shopper Sharon Belz.

Two years ago Vons made an attempt to scrap double-coupons altogether but some Vons customers began shopping at Ralphs, so Vons brought back the popular promotion.

Then in June 2008, Ralphs modified its double-coupon policy and shoppers moved back to Vons. But now Vons is matching Ralphs and are modifying its coupon policy too.

At Ralphs and Vons it used to be, for example, that a 75-cent coupon would get you $1.50 off one item. But not anymore. Starting August 20, a 75-cent coupon will get you only 25 cents more for a total of one dollar.

You see, the new policy means double coupons are now being capped at one dollar and no more. In this economy, shoppers feel clipped.

"I remember when I started using double coupons, and I had never used coupons before, and coming home with that 10 extra dollars, being able to spend it on whatever I want, was exceptional," said shopper Sarah Harris.

Meantime smaller chain stores like Hows say they will continue to offer double coupon savings.

"I'm going there next," said Sharon Belz.


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