Bellflower hospital sees first quads

BELLFLOWER, Calif. Meet Fernando Duarte Junior; he's barely a day old. He's a quadruplet. His two sisters and brother are in intensive care. Fernando Jr. and his siblings were born Thursday night at Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Hospital.

With the help of in-vitro fertilization, the proud parents of the foursome got one big bundle delivered by the stork.

"Now that they're here, we're just shocked, still, but more blessed and excited that they're all OK," said mother Vanessa Preciado.

"Everything was so fast yesterday," said father Fernando Duarte. "I thought it was going to take like two, three hours -- but it was like 20 minutes later, there you go, we have four kids."

The oldest daughter, 7-year-old Jordan, is overjoyed she is no longer an only child. She now has four brothers and sisters.

"Because now since I have brothers and sisters, I have somebody to play with," said Jordan.

Doctors say the infants made history by being the first quadruplets delivered here at Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Hospital. They say each came in weighing less than 4 pounds, with Fernando Jr. weighing the most at 3 pounds, 11 ounces.

"We haven't had quadruplets here before," said Dr. Mitchell Rabbi, who delivered the babies. "We've had quintuplets and triplets, and we see a lot of twins, but this was our first quadruplets. Four healthy babies, two boys and two girls."

"They're doing very well," said pediatrician Dr. Allen Alter. "They're planning on starting feeds for three of the four of them today or later tonight, and the one that's in oxygen is coming out. So we're doing very, very well."

"We were fishing for one," said Vanessa. "And we got three more surprises -- a surprise to end up with fou -- a surprise to end up with four. We're not quite the Brady Bunch, but ... we're just one short."

Doctors say the quadruplets should be able to go home in about three weeks. Their parents can't wait.


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