Giuliani: Sarah Palin is qualified

STUDIO CITY John McCain was greeted by Sarah Palin and her family, including her pregnant 17-year-old daughter Bristol and her boyfriend Levi Johnston.

Palin was in the convention hall early Wednesday morning getting ready comfortable before making the political speech of her life.

Is she ready for her spot at the GOP's first women vice-presidential candidate? Supporters say she absolutely is ready for the position.

"She has the record of significant change already. She has lowered the budget, lowered taxes, she has taken on the oil companies and has taken on corrupt Republicans," said Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Voters in Southern California have varying opinions of Palin. Many say that they are ready to listen to her speech and are willing to give her a chance.

"I just want her to be honest. I just want to see what she really is all about. I want to see who she is as an individual. I do not care about some of her personal issues. I care about who she is politically," said undecided voter, Allie Pierson.

"She is a qualified candidate. Nobody is perfect, but she seems to be the right person for him," said undecided voter, Major Heath.

"She seems really independent and strong and I think she would make a good candidate," said undecided voter, Nguyen Don.

Geraldine Ferraro, who until Palin, was the only woman to have her name placed on a presidential ticket. She spoke to "Good Morning America," about this historic selection.

"So in a positive way you've got to look at the impact just of the candidacy. Whether or not she becomes vice president is another issue. It goes beyond her whether or not she's experienced enough. It goes to the historic aspects of this candidacy and the impact it has," said Ferraro.

The Democrats say that Palin is going to be a tough sale.

"To thrust her as a vice presidential candidate without that national security experience is going to be very tough. Can she do it? Can she overturn that in one speech? I think it will be very difficult," said New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.


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