Boxers or briefs -- McCain or Obama?

GLENDALE, Calif. You see them everywhere these days: on the stage, in the crowd, stumping for votes for the most important office in the land. But with so much at stake, from the war to the economy, can it be that it's boiling down to that age-old question: boxers or briefs?

"I wanted to lend my support to the Obama campaign in the way that I could," said underwear designer Andrew Christian. And since Christian is an underwear designer, that means he's aiming below the belt.

"This our Obama boxers for men," said Christian -- yours for just $29 -- one of the hottest sellers in the Andrew Christian line.

Now doing something like this, you would think it's pretty easy. But as Christian quickly found out, when it comes to underwear, you have to be very careful where you put the face.

"It was a bit tricky," said Christian. "You know, you don't want to put it on the bum; you didn't want to put it in the crotch, so sort of somewhere in between."

But John McCain's camp isn't being outdone. CafePress churns out hundreds of thousands of pieces of politically inspired clothing, some of which is aimed at folks who wear their politics considerably south of their sleeves.

"One of the surprises of this political season has been the breadth of political merchandise that's been created on products like boxers and thongs," said Amy Maniatis,

McCain may be a conservative, but his respective thong is not, and neither are its sales now that Sarah Palin is on the ticket.

"We now have 150,000 products alone being uploaded in support of Sarah Palin," said Maniatis.

No matter who you plan to vote for, whether you're a boxer or a briefs kind of guy, just remember: It's important to support your candidates.


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