New season of 'Dancing' begins

HOLLYWOOD Karina Smirnoff danced with sprained ankle. Jeffrey Ross danced with a scratched cornea. And Toni Braxton brought along her cardiologist.

"I would say tonight, she's a 10.5," said Braxton's cardiologist, Dr. Jay Schapira.

"There you go, good answer, I like that!" said Braxton.

Toni and Alec Mazo are tied for second.

Here's what some of the other contestants are saying after their first night on the dance floor.

"They could not have chosen a better partner for me," said Lance Bass. "I love the edge she brings to this competition."

"I really want to do my very best," said Susan Lucci. "I was so thrilled to be invited on this season. I love dancing and I'm a big fan of 'Dancing With The Stars.'"

"I'm a young man so Julianne's been working me, whipping me into shape," said Cody Linley.

"So now having been out here on the stage live, there's definitely a comfort zone now I will carry with me as long as we stay," said Brooke Burke.

Brooke's on top with the judges.

But the two guys at the bottom want another chance with fans, and here's why.

"Our mambo is amazing. Our mambo is the best mambo on the dance floor," said Rocco DiSpirito. "Oh, there's no question we have to come back. People need to see our mambo."

"If people let us do the quickstep, if we get voted far enough to do the quickstep, people are going to be blown away because our quickstep is really phenomenal," said Jeffrey Ross.

And what are the athletes saying?

"We've done all the practice so it's just time to come out here and have fun and put on a show for the fans," said Maurice Green. "That's the most important thing."

"I'm having a blast and it's something I never thought in a million years you would catch me doing," said Misty May-Treanor.

"I'm going to have a good time. If nothing else, I promise you that," said Warren Sapp.

And the reality for the reality TV star?

"I'm a very reserved, shy person," said Kim Kardashian. "I need to break out of my shell. They saw that. They said it. I gotta do it."

"And I never thought I'd get to that stage where I could just come and have fun and you walk out here saying, 'Wow, that was amazing!'," said Ted McGinley.

The elder "cougar" offered up a hot-to-trot fox trot.

"She thought she was going to rope this old cowboy," said Corky Ballas.

"You're pretty spunky, aren't you? I'll show you who's spunky in this crowd," said Cloris Leachman.

You haven't seen the half of it. Someone gets kicked off Tuesday, and somebody else gets kicked off Wednesday.


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