Rediscovering formerly forbidden food

Like meat -- long considered the king of saturated fat, many experts feel eating lean cuts like sirloin, London broil or brisket is a good idea. Offering a good source of iron, zinc, B-vitamins and good quality protein, beef should be eaten in modest 4-ounce portions

Eggs also got a bad rap for years, as they contain cholesterol. But studies have shown that eggs don't seem to raise blood cholesterol levels like once thought. While the yolk contains the fat, it also holds 13 vitamins and minerals along with choline, lutein and zeaxanthin; all providing health benefits.

Avocado is actually a high-fat fruit, but the fat is the heart-healthy kind and a good dose of vitamin E. Just a quarter of an avocado is a serving. Top a sandwich, or scoop up some goodness in guacamole.

Once taboo, nuts also get the thumbs up, with each type containing an extra special vitamin or mineral. Walnuts have omega-3 fats, almonds, calcium and so on. About a handful, or 1 ounce, will provide good fats and protein.

The list gets even better with chocolate in the mix. The fine print will tell you it should be dark chocolate and only eaten in 1-ounce portions. Chocolate's powerful plant chemicals have been shown to protect the heart, along with releasing feel-good brain chemicals, among many positive benefits.

And yes oil, which use to be a huge "no-no" is getting kudos by experts, especially olive oil, which we know is great for heart health and has been shown to keep dieters on their programs longer.

And what you can see with all these foods have a good amount of fat, but they also have key ingredients that our bodies really need.

So these are foods that need to be eaten in modest amounts. Wow, common sense, who knew?


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