Mountain lion attacks two dogs, kills 1

GLENDORA, Calif. The big cat attacked two dogs, killing one of them, in the backyard of a home on Ben Lomond Avenue at about 10 p.m. Thursday.

The area is right next to the San Gabriel mountain range, so residents normally see coyotes, but the surprise mountain lion attack the community worried.

Resident said they were in the kitchen when they heard the dogs yelping and barking. When they went outside to check on the animals, they saw one of the dogs being dragged away by a mountain lion. That dog died, and another dog was injured.

Residents said part of the problem may be that there's a lot of brush on the edge of their property, and they think the mountain lion may have been hiding in the brush.

"I'm always concerned about fire, and so I keep everything green and everything like that, but I didn't think about mountain lions. That is something I need to consider," said one resident.

Fish and Game officials told residents that mountain lions could use brush to hide, and if they clear it away, it'll take away a hiding spot and maybe reduce the danger.

In the meantime, neighbors are warned to watch their pets. A mountain lion is a very serious danger.

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