Divine intervention in a doggie door?

BEAUMONT, Calif. "I couldn't look at that image and say it's nothing," said Roger Bowman, who owns a special doggie door.

"I didn't see it at first, but then my dad outlined figure I said, 'Oh wow that is Jesus,'" said Sean Vasquez, Bowman's stepson.

The image on a dog door is now preserved behind glass. It appeared two years ago when Bowman's two dogs came bursting through it. It was at a time when Bowman, and his wife Deborah, were considering getting rid of their two dogs Max and Hercules. They were concerned the dogs were too aggressive and potentially dangerous to others.

"The dogs actually created the image in time for their own reprieve," said Bowman.

Seeing it as a divine intervention, the dogs received training and became a strong part of their family. The Bowmans had another year with Max, until he became too ill and had to be put down.

Having Hercules with them makes them feel the door has served its purpose.

The door is now for sale on Ebay.

The 43-year-old calls it a financial necessity. His wife was laid off. Although she now has a job, Roger Bowman is currently without work. He says the sale can help bridge the gap.

The so-called miracle dog door will stay on Ebay until Dec. 5. The asking price just under $1,000.

So far no one has met his asking price. Bowman says he has no plans to lower it.

"I want someone who's going to invest in it and enjoy it. And if they won't pay $1,000 ... it means more to us. We'd rather keep it," said Bowman.

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