State-of-the-art fitness -- for a price

SANTA MONICA, Calif. When health clubs use the term "state-of-the-art" to describe their facilities, many exaggerate. But that's not the case at the Core Performance Center in Santa Monica.

"That's an understatement. This company married Keiser pneumatic, or air-controlled weight stations, to the Power Plate, a known vibration sensation, along with a computer program that provides over 7,000 different protocols for its users," said Anthony Slater from the Core Performance Center.

The Center's Anthony Slater says it's a near-perfect combination and sound science for your sweat session.

"It always balances your training so that you're getting exactly what you need based on your schedule, how you feel today and based on what your personal evaluation is," said Slater.

"I felt the benefit, but it was gentle. I didn't feel like I was beating myself up," said new client Terri Apanasewicz.

Terri has tried it all.

"I got obsessed with boxing workouts, and then I burned out. I had different trainers during my workouts. I realized I wasn't getting the most out of them because a lot of time was spent chit-chatting," said Terri.

That won't happen at the Core Performance Center. Through a litany of mental and physical evaluations and a souped-up training program, it's tough to cheat. They are so intent on your success, reading magazines on machines is prohibited.

"We need you to come and put in the work. So we really expect a lot from you, so you can expect a lot from us," said Slater.

And as an added bonus, there will be no waiting for machines at this club. Most gyms operate on volume, pushing to sell thousands of memberships and banking on the fact a small percentage will actually attend. But at this gym, what they're looking for is a client base of only about 800 clients.

"This is a different place because it compasses a system that is based on a holistic approach of mind set, nutrition, movement and recovery, and takes into account all these factors when we're looking at helping people," said Slater.

Holistic does comes with a price. Packages vary, but Slater says visits average $50 to $60 a pop.

For more information, visit the Web site for the Core Performance Center

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