Ski and snowboarding season has arrived

WRIGHTWOOD There is no natural snow, it's all man-made at this time. There is about six to eight inches on the base, but that's good enough for a lot of people.

There are two lifts open at Mountain High, lift number 4 and 1.

This is the latest that Mountain High has ever opened by a full two weeks, but now all of that waiting and wondering is over. Mountain High is open and ready to go, two weeks before Christmas.

"It's a very late start, unfortunately. Three years ago we had a really nice start in October. Better late than never, beggars can't be choosers," said skier, Laura Dodds.

On opening day the parking lot was packed, the line for the chair lift was full for the six minute ride to the top.

"We have fresh machine-made packed powder on four trails, two lifts, and top to bottom skiing here on Mountain High," said John McColly, Mountain High spokesman.

And McColly says in a down economy, opening day came not a moment too soon.

"Well it's definitely a late open. We thought, you know, there's nothing we can do about the economy. We thought for sure we would open by Thanksgiving, which is our traditional opening. And when the weather didn't come through it was like we got the double whammy," said McColly.

Others are still wondering what to do with such a late start and bad economy.

High Mountain Riders at the bottom of the hill is still closed. They say there's just not enough demand. At their store in town, skis, snowboards, poles and boots are still on the shelves. People just aren't renting yet.

"That's another question we've still been wondering about, just to see who is still going to come up and go snowboarding," said Jared Hettick, High Mountain Rider.

People up in the mountains are praying that they get a lot of snow early next week.

"I've been saying, 'You gotta think snow.' I feel nobody believes that it's gonna snow this year," said Gregory Frances, a snowboarder.

Well, you gotta start somewhere. For Mountain High, this is the start this year. And pretty soon other chair lifts across Southern California will be up and running.

Mountain High is already running. Snow Summit started to make snow Wednesday, and they are suppose to be opening up Thursday morning. Snow Valley, also in the San Bernardino Mountains, is already open for business.

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