'Deep Throat' dies, Watergate put to rest?

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. Felt died on Thursday at the age of 95.

In 2005, Felt revealed his identity as "Deep Throat" to the public.

"I have certain mixed emotions because I am somebody who knew him," said John Dean, former Nixon White House counsel. "I knew him as a deputy director of the FBI. I worked with him. And really have been a Watergate and 'Deep Throat' sleuth for years."

Dean became a witness for the prosecution during the Watergate scandal. Dean believes, like others, that Felt leaked the information because he had been passed over by Nixon for the top job with the FBI.

"It's pretty clear to me that he was trying to move Pat Grey out of the job as Director of FBI so he could have it for himself. And by keeping the Washington Post informed and on the story, he was doing a pretty good job of that," said Dean.

Some may wonder if the death of "Deep Throat" will put the Watergate scandal to rest. Dean thinks otherwise.

"As long as there are Nixon tapes that come out, and they continue to come out -- as [Bob] Woodward says, 'The gift that keeps on giving' -- there will be more about Watergate," said Dean.

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