Ex-husband of slain woman asked for rent

UPLAND, Calif. An attorney for the victims faxed /*Eyewitness News*/ a letter with an itemized list of the charges.

The /*Broadstone Foothill Apartment Homes*/ wanted to collect money from the estate of Alicia Ortiz, mainly because she did not give sufficient notice to vacate the apartment.

However, on Thursday afternoon the company had a change of heart and decided not to pursue the matter.

Ortiz and her 17-year-old son Michael were among nine people murdered in a /*Christmas Eve massacre*/ in Covina. Her former brother-in-law /*Bruce Pardo*/ dressed as Santa Claus and opened fire at the family's annual holiday gathering. Pardo then set the house on fire and later killed himself.

The Broadstone Foothill Apartment Homes was keeping Ortiz's $500 security deposit, but intended to collect a total of $2,321. That amount included a cleaning and repair fee and $143 for her water, trash and sewer bills.

The biggest expense was a $1,655 cancellation fee for insufficient notice to vacate.

The company was also looking to collect $702 in rent for the apartment and garage for the first 12 days of January, and a $50 late fee for past due rent. Ortiz's two daughters had been living in the unit in the beginning of the month, but are now living with their father in Ontario.

He and the attorney could not believe the apartment company was trying to collect, given the circumstances.



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