Riverside mom faces murder charges

RIVERSIDE "I've always been extremely supportive of my wife. I just don't understand what happened. The fact's have taken place, but I don't understand the rationale or what happened behind it. And until that comes out, when all the evidence is there, and everything is vetted, I won't understand what happened until then. All I know is I lost my son," said the victim's father, Greg Burchett.

Greg Burchett said he showed up here at his home on Via Terreno Monday night and discovered his 17-month-old dead in one of the bedrooms.

"I came home, and I found my baby. And my wife was traumatized, and I don't know all the answers yet, but I found my baby," said Burchett.

He says he called 911. When Riverside police arrived at the home, they found the baby dead, with blunt force trauma to the head and a puncture wound to the abdomen. Neighbors say they can't believe it.

"It's awful. I mean, it's just devastating that it would be a little child, you know, because, I mean it's bad enough when an adult dies, but when a child dies, it's just sadder," said neighbor, Alice Bittner.

For Burchett this certainly is a struggle. His 17-month-old son dead, his wife in jail, two other family members to look after.

"I have a three-and–a-half-year-old named Gregory, and he's not quite sure what's happening yet, of course. Nicholas, he's going to have a tough time," said Burchett.

Anyone with any other information is asked to call the Riverside police.



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