Alleged hazing within Calabasas baseball

CALABASAS, Calif. The incident comes a week after the /*Los Angeles Unified School District*/ reassigned six employees from /*Taft High School*/ over another alleged hazing incident.

It was an anonymous tip that led to the investigation.

As soon as school officials say they could substantiate the hazing, the eight players on the varsity baseball team at /*Calabasas High School*/ were met with severe consequences.

The players were suspended from school for three days and suspended from the team for five games.

/*Las Virgenes Unified School District*/ and Calabasas High School administrators would not release specific information as to what happened on Valentine's Day. They simply say the school received a call from an anonymous parent, which sparked the investigation.

"What we found out was that, probably, something happened," said C.J. Foss, Principal, Calabasas High School. "We determined that something did - in fact - happen and there was an initiation ... some kind of hazing incident. So, we acted quickly and there were consequences."

LAUSD reassigned a principal and five other staff members from Taft High School after the alleged hazing incident involving their boys volleyball team.

Calabasas High School officials, as well as the Las Virgenes Unified School District, will be looking into whether or not the alleged incident could have been prevented.

"We're reflecting on that. Our Assistant Principal Mr. Anhalt will be meeting with the entire coaching staff and reviewing these sorts of situations -- these kind of pitfalls that can occur with athletic programs, or on campuses or within any organization," said Dan Stepenosky, Las Virgenes Unified School District. "So, we're reflecting on that right now."

Along with the suspensions, the eight baseball players will have to serve 40 hours of community service. They will also have to produce a public service announcement, with the help of other students, on the dangers and consequences of hazing.



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