Octomom: When is it a crime to call 911?

WHITTIER, Calif. Unemployed and unmarried, Nadya Suleman gave birth to octuplets in January. She also has six other children.

Last October, it turns out, she placed a frantic 911 call to police in Whittier, Calif., to say that her five-year-old son had disappeared from the yard. A recording released Wednesday shows she repeatedly threatened to kill herself. The dispatcher, who could hear the voices of other children in the background, tried to calm her down, telling her not to talk like that in front of her children.

The tape begins with her asking "Where's my son?" over and over, before giving an address or any details.

During the tape, /*Suleman*/ is heard saying "please God help me. Please God help me. Oh God I am going to kill myself. Oh God. I am going to kill myself. I am going to kill myself." The 9-1-1 operator is heard responding "keep yourself in control in front of your other child. He doesn't need to hear that."

The five-year-old showed up a few minutes later, having gone on a walk with his grandmother.

Whittier police say they were called to Nadya's home eight times over a period of one year, including once when a child got locked in a bedroom.

In her daily diary on /*Radaronline.com*/, Suleman asks "since when is it a crime to call 911? I'm one of those parents I have to see them at all times and know exactly what they're doing at all times and if I don't, I get a little anxious, I get really nervous."

She said most of the 911 calls were made because of complications with her pregnancy.

Some say the 911 tapes call into question once again whether Suleman is fit to be the parent of fourteen children.



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