OC students stabbed, beaten on campus

ANAHEIM, Calif. The campus was on lockdown for a few hours, but students were able to leave on time Friday afternoon. Two students were taken to the hospital with injuries. Two other teens, 15 and 17 years old, who do not go to Magnolia High, but who police say are affiliated with gangs somehow got on campus. They were taken into custody after the attack on campus in the quad.

Police arrested two teenage suspects nearly two hours after the assaults on campus at Magnolia High School in Anaheim

"They started hitting him with a stick and then there was blood all over," said

It happened at lunchtime. The victims were two male students caught off guard by the suspects.

"One of the suspects hit him in the back of the head with an object, which we believe was probably going to be a stick, some sort of a stick or a broom stick," said Anaheim Police Sergeant Rick Martinez. "Immediately they attacked another student. The other student was stabbed in the back of the head with an object, which was a screwdriver."

The campus was locked down. Worried parents waited outside. Students that were not inside the school at the time started getting text messages

"I have been getting texts also saying that there was stabbing," said student Tina Acosta. "Someone got stabbed in the neck."

Police say the suspects do not go to Magnolia High and were expelled from their own schools. Their identities were not released.

"School is supposed to be safe for us and this isn't safe," said Acosta.

It's still not clear how the suspects got on campus.

This is not the first time that someone was stabbed with a screwdriver here. It happened last year in a gang-related incident.

In Friday's case police believe that the two suspects are affiliated with gangs. As to whether the victims were involved with gangs, that's still not clear.

Authorities say the victims' injuries are not life-threatening.



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