LADWP gives away 2 million light bulbs

LOS ANGELES, Calif. Since late January, teams have been delivering two of the energy saving bulbs, as well as tips on how to save even more power, to each of its 1.2 million residential customers.

The utility says it's getting a great response from its customers. The DWP plans to deliver another 400,000 bulbs through the program -- two bulbs to each customer.

LADWP CEO and General Manager David Nahai says customers have a personal incentive to use the energy saving bulbs.

"CFLs are one of the many tools our customers can use to reduce their energy use and save money on their electric bills," said Nahai. "By delivering CFLs right to our customers' doorsteps - in advance of the warmer months when energy use spikes - we can get a head start on serious energy conservation."

Using CFLs also helps fight global warming.

"Each CFL our customers install prevents the burning of 400 pounds of coal for energy generation and the associated greenhouse gas emissions," according to LADWP Acting Chief Financial Officer Jeff Peltola. "The bulbs that have been delivered so far represent 91.6 gigawatt-hours of energy savings per year, enough energy to power 15,267 homes each year."

The utility estimates each customer will save $100 in energy costs over the lifespan of the bulbs. The total energy savings is estimated at $61.3 million for the Department and ratepayers.

For more information, call the CFL distribution program phone line at (213) 367-4614.

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