'Potter' grows up in latest installment

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LOS ANGELES The magic looks more on the dark side in /*"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."*/ And this time out the young wizard really goes to work for his mentor Professor Dumbledore.

"The relationship with Harry and Dumbledore has changed so much in this film. Whereas before it was kind of student and master. This time it is a general and a foot soldier or a lieutenant. But Harry becomes a kind of warrior in this film and he is prepared to take orders from Dumbledore and do his bidding," said actor /*Daniel Radcliffe*/.

This "Harry Potter" also deals with teen romance and all that drama.

"It is PG teen romance. It has to be a PG teen romance, but I like to think we get away with as much as we possibly can," said Radcliffe. "And I think the most that kids will do in this film is go -- when Ron and Lavender kiss -- 'Oh, girls are gross' or 'Oh, boys are disgusting.' That's kind of going to be the most that it comes to, to be honest," said Radcliffe.

And Daniel has decided to skip college in favor of pursuing his acting career.

"At school, I talked too much and I fidgeted. I was distractive. I was distractive? I wanted to say distracting and destructive -- then disruptive, you know. Anyway, English classes are going very well," said Radcliffe.

Radcliffe felt strongly about the path that he took, and figures if he starts to feel as if he missed out on the university experience he could always go back.

"I just wanted to keep working and I didn't feel I was going to gain anything by going to university. I didn't know if I would even be happy when I was there. So rather than just doing it because it's what everybody else does, I stayed on my own course to see what happens," adds Radcliffe.

So how big is "Harry Potter" expected to be? MovieTickets.com is reporting over 1300 showings of the film are already sold out, including close to 1000 midnight shows.

"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" is rated PG.

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