Cool Kid brings soccer to kids in need

MONROVIA, Calif. "I've always had the opportunity to like go to soccer camps and I play club soccer. And just these kids don't have that opportunity like I do. They don't have those chances," said Lauren. "And so, I thought it'd be great if I could, you know, teach them something or give them the closest thing to a camp."

Working with the /*Boys and Girls Club*/, Lauren brought together local stores, community leaders and many volunteers to make her idea a reality.

"It turned out to be a lot of work, but I felt like it was rewarding to me. I felt good doing this and I just, it made me so much more happy because all these people were willing to help out," Lauren said.

The result of all her work is seen when the kids come together for a day of learning the game and having a good time doing it.

"I love it and all the volunteers I've had, they love it too," said Lauren. "And it's just really a lot of fun because they're so, you know, they're so in to it. They're little and they're active, you know, they're running around. And they really do enjoy it."

At the end of each day, Lauren feels that she is the one who enjoys it the most.

"It's very uplifting, very uplifting. It just makes me feel good inside because they really do like it. So, it feels great on me that I'm able to give something back to them."

Monrovia's kids get a kick out of a sunny afternoon, thanks to our /*Cool Kid*/ Lauren Armenta.

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