How to make money through blogging

LOS ANGELES Most bloggers do it for fun, not for money, but if you have a great idea and can write or post interesting articles, you could attract followers and advertisers, turning your blog into cash.

Cheryl Phillips began the two years ago while recovering from a car accident. Now, the mother of five earns $800 a month through small business ads.

Jennifer Leal has a passion for healthy cooking, so she created her own blog.

"I thought it was a great way to do something that I enjoy and have a passion for while being a stay-at-home mom," she said.

Jennifer earns money through affiliate ads placed on her site. For every click on the ad, she earns up to 5 cents. She also gets free food products to review.

"I don't feel pressured to give a good review," she said.

Blog reviews go both ways. Cheryl says many of her readers comment about what she writes.

"If you are thin-skinned, then you need to just take it with a grain of salt. People don't always comment kindly," she said.

Both women say it can be time consuming, but social networking can help get the word out there about your blog.

Leave comments on other blogs sites, and those bloggers will find you. Also, never steal anyone else's content.

The three top ways to make money are: Run advertisements through Google AdSense, link up to affiliate programs such as, which shares profits with Web sites that refer customers and sell related products that they design, like jewelry or crafts.

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