Cast: 'Stan Helsing' pushes boundaries

LOS ANGELES "Stan Helsing" is director Bo Zenga's comedic spoof of six monstrous movie villains, and a guy named Stan Helsing, who, along with his friends, have an interesting Halloween night trying to stay alive with maniacs on the loose, and ,oh, Leslie Nielsen in drag.

The film's stars think this movie pushes it to the edge.

"Really no boundaries at all whatsoever," describes Desi Lydic.

"Just me in tights like that is like really pushing it," joked Keenan Thompson.

Steve Howey of TV's "Reba" fame plays the film's title role.

"'Rock of Love' did really good, and I thought that look needed to come back," said Howey.

"You know, we're having fun. We're in Canada. We're in a movie with Leslie Nielsen, you know? Filthy, dirty jokes are going to happen," Howey added.

If you want to see those jokes on the big screen, you can. "Stan Helsing" opens in L.A. this weekend, and then it goes right to DVD on Tuesday.

As for Howey's next move, the actor says he wants to try his hand at dancing.

"I would love to do "Dancing With The Stars," you kidding me?" said Howey.

"I can throw a leg, all right? I will be there. I will out-dance any Osbourne," he added.

But can he outrun Jason?

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