Clues: Couple's murder was targeted act

VENTURA, Calif. It was a brutal crime. The couple was stabbed to death in their home while their two young children in another room ran to a neighbor to call for help.

The murders of Brock and Davina Husted left the family struggling for answers. Six months later, the family is still wondering why this happened.

"The kids really haven't moved on. They've got different schools and different lives. They've got family members, but still there is no end to that right now," said John Husted, Brock Husted's brother.

The suspect or suspects simply walked in through the unlocked back door that faces the beach. Davina Husted, who was five months pregnant, was stabbed first, and as her husband tried to help her, he was attacked as well.

This incident frightened residents in the quiet gated community of Faria Beach. They worried it was a random attack, but investigators now say it wasn't.

"We are confident it was a targeted incident against the Husteds," said Ventura County Sheriff's Captain Ron Bonfiglio. As to the clues that led the investigators to believe the crime to be a targeted incident, Bonfiglio said he couldn't reveal any of that information due to the sensitivity of the case.

Now that sheriff's investigators confirm that the couple was targeted, it opens up a lot of questions for the family. Husted's brother said that they had no enemies.

"He wasn't dodging creditors, he wasn't dodging people, and if he ever had a problem in business or in personal life, he would resolve it that day and move on," said John Husted.

John Husted also added that his brother owned a business in the area and had no financial or personal problems as far as he knew. However, investigators said very little when questioned about that.

"They didn't lead very simple, basic lives. It was a very complex set of circumstances, but other than that, I can't say anything," said Bonfiglio.

Investigators did say they have gathered hundreds of pieces of evidence and are following a number of leads. However, they won't say if they've narrowed it down to any one suspect or suspects.

"I'm confident that down the road, there will be an arrest. I don't know when, and I won't make a prediction on that," added Bonfiglio.

"We know that eventually, this person or people will be caught, but for now, we just take care of the kids and wait for news," said John Husted.

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