Cool Kid saves school band from silence

LOS ANGELES When Wilson High School lost its marching band director, it seemed to spell the end for the school band. But Juan could not let that happen.

"Most of the seniors have been here for years, can't just let it go. The school pride we have. Music is fun to us. It's our main thing," said Juan.

Juan took it upon himself to talk to school officials, teachers and any adults who might help.

"Usually, I'm the shy one that says, 'No you talk to them,'" explained Juan. "But if it's something like music, that people just love, it makes you do crazy things, and I stepped up and talked to the principal."

His drive and dedication was apparent to all he recruited to the cause.

"I was honored actually when he came to me and asked me," said Wilson High drill team advisor Renee Ochoa. "I thought, 'Wow, this kid really really wants his band to move forward.' And he really showed that and he shows it every day."

Juan certainly loves music. But more than that, he knows the music and the band can mean so much more to so many people.

"For us to play songs during the football game, people start moving, clapping when we're done," said Juan. "It's the colors we wear, blue and gold, our school colors. You just feel good wearing the colors."

For the music, the school and the pride, he is our Cool Kid, Juan Guajuardo.

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