Elderly tagging suspect arrested in L.A.

LOS ANGELES Like many taggers out there, authorities say this suspect simply wanted fame and notoriety with his work. If fact, deputies didn't even know how old he was until they arrested him Friday morning tagging a subway station and according to records, this man is just a few weeks shy of his 74th birthday.

This sticker, which reads, "Who is John Scott?" was the calling card of a nearly 74-year-old graffiti suspect arrested in L.A. Friday morning. Sheriff's officials say John Scott caused thousands of dollars in damage, vandalizing MTA property, placing the slap tags on bus seats, light poles and bus benches.

"It was I guess, somewhat humorous. He was 74-years-old but on the other hand, it's also quite serious. Tagging is a serious offense," said Steve Whitmore of the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.

For seven months, detectives have been trying to figure out who John Scott exactly was.

And Friday morning, deputies assigned to the case actually witnessed the senior placing several stickers on a stairwell in the downtown 7th and Metro Center subway station.

Deputies also found more stickers in Scott's pockets and inside a briefcase he was carrying.

The same briefcase is pictured on Scott's website, whoisjohnscott.com

On it, the suspect has a fake newspaper article about himself and even sells stickers and T-shirts with his logo. You can buy the mystery of his identity for just 10 dollars.

"The 74-year-old gentleman's bumper sticker referred people to a website which was actually the individual," said Whitmore.

It's unclear exactly how long Scott has been vandalizing property. Authorities in L.A. County say the oldest tagger they've ever arrested was 36 years old, but not anymore.

"Obviously, this gentleman thought it was good fun perhaps, good cheer, but when you come back and try to remove it, it isn't good fun, it isn't good cheer," said Whitmore.

"Well I say at 73, if he's still out there and wanting to do that, good for him," said John Kay, a transit rider.

"I see on the buses here and there but I mean, I always wondered what it was but damn, 73-year-old tagger, that's stupid!" said Rick Fiero, another transit rider.

Scott will likely face felony charges for his crime. He's being held at the L.A. county jail on $20,000 bail.

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