Turn Thanksgiving leftovers into tasty meals

LOS ANGELES "Even if it's a great meal, you tend to get sick of having the same flavors over and over again," said Jeanne Kelley, contributing chef to Bon Appetit magazine.

Kelley says revisit turkey day maybe once, but after that try to mix up the meal by using the ingredients in different flavor profiles, like a spicy turkey burrito or her take on a pull pork sandwich that she swaps out for turkey.

"It's got barbecue sauce and crunchy coleslaw on it, you don't even think you're eating Thanksgiving leftovers," said Kelley.

Kelley pulls or shreds the turkey and then mixes it into heated homemade or store bought BBQ sauce. Scoop onto a toasted Ciabatta roll and top with crunchy coleslaw that can be assembled at home in a snap with a bag of pre-shredded cabbage.

"This is just a lovely counterpoint in flavor and texture," said Kelley.

Another interesting way to stretch turkey dollars is by making a Mexican burrito with bell peppers, red onions, roasted salsa with a bit of cheddar cheese. It's quick and easy.

"And this recipe's great, you can add your leftover vegetables from your Thanksgiving meal," said Kelley.

Try a turkey pot pie by mixing turkey and vegetables of choice with a purchased pie crust. Make sure to add a few slits for ventilation.

No matter what you make, remember these goodies won't last forever. Stuffing will hold for about three days, turkey about four. Mashed sweet and regular potatoes and pie will stay good until about Tuesday. About the only thing that will last more than a week is cranberry sauce.

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