New on DVD: Magic, comedy, drama

Hollywood Wrap with George Pennacchio
LOS ANGELES /*Meryl Streep*/ plays Chef Julia Child. /*Amy Adams*/ is Julie Powell, a woman who decides to document the 365 days she spends preparing the 524 recipes in Child's cookbook.

The film shows you how Julia Child came to be such a beloved icon in the TV world of cooking.

/*Johnny Depp*/ plays the legendary gangster, John Dillinger, in "Public Enemies." His antics turned him into a hero of sorts by the public while, at the same time, he was at the top of the FBI's Most Wanted List.

Christian Bale plays the FBI agent out to get him in this R-rated film from director Michael Mann.

Robin Williams plays the title character in "World's Greatest Dad." His miserable brat of a son doesn't make his life easy. And that may happen after a freak accident that could change everything.

"World's Greatest Dad" is rated-R.

The magic looks more to the dark side in "/*Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince*/."

In this one, the young wizard goes to work for his commander-in-chief, Professor Dumbledore, in order to help save the day.

This "Harry Potter" also deals with teen romance and all that drama, but in a PG-rated way.

From the documentary world, there's the critically-acclaimed film, "The Cove."

It follows a group of animal activists who uncover the horrific details of secret dolphin fishing off the coast of Japan.

The leader of this particular cause has quite a history with dolphins. Nearly 50 years ago, Richard O'Barry trained the water-bound stars of TV's "Flipper."

And that's what's new on DVD.

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