Lang's performance in 'Avatar' is memorable


/*Lang*/ becomes part of all the chaos in director /*James Cameron's*/ "/*Avatar*/." He's got a one-track mind in this movie: to protect the humans living and working on the planet Pandora, even if the humans are visitors trying to take over the peaceful place at whatever cost.

"It was a thrill to play it. It was a challenge to play it. And, you know, you wanted to do your best for Jim. I just wanted to hold up my end of the story," said Lang. "Careers have phases, it seems to me. And somehow I caught a wave. I've become a good age, an age that works for me. I feel comfortable in the kind of roles that I'm playing right now. So, yeah, it's a good time. I'm happy, well-adjusted."

At 57, Lang is fit and he's working. This year he's been in "Public Enemies" and "The Men Who Stare at Goats," but it's "Avatar" that is getting him so much attention.

Lang prides himself in his work. And he loves that his director has recognized what he's brought to the table.

"We were doing some sound work a month or so ago and I hadn't played the role in a couple of months, and he said, 'Lang, you slip into this role way too easy, man,'" said Lang.

Lang's wife, Christina, told me she thinks her husband is finally getting the recognition he deserves. I think she's right.

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