TSA issues new airport security guidelines

LOS ANGELES There's extra security in the wake of the attempted terror attack on Christmas day.

New TSA guidelines have taken effect and many travels are not happy to hear about them.

"I'm just noticing more of a presence of security around here as well as on the roads coming up into the airport," LAX passenger Janet Culing said.

The lines at LAX are long, with an estimated 2.4 million people flying in and out of the airport for the holidays, and they're not moving quickly.

The TSA is doing extensive screening, including pat-downs for all passengers.

"I feel better that there is more security," passenger Glenna Shiman said. "I guess I have to suffer through it."

The largest changes in policy are coming in the air. Jennie Lloyd flew into LAX from New Zealand.

"When we were on the plane we couldn't have blankets or pillows in our laps," Lloyd said. "Nothing in our laps for the last hour on the flight."

Passengers must be seated for the last hour of their flight and are not allowed to access carry-on luggage or have anything on their laps according to new TSA guidelines.

International passengers coming into the United States will also be screened a second time at the gate.

Some people are frustrated by the inconvenienced.

"Everybody got patted down," Australian passenger Brian Schwab said. "Flights were delayed, you know, you can't blame the Australians people because some other idiot screwed up somewhere."

To go along with the new TSA guidelines, all in-flight entertainment will be turned off during the last hour as well.

Holiday travelers are advised to arrive at the airport early and to expect delays.

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