OC demonstrators gather for Iranian democracy

IRVINE, Calif. Protesters have been gathering in Irvine every week since the June elections in Iran. Monday night they focused on those lives lost and the violence that broke out this weekend in Iran.

More than 50 people were expected to turn out Monday night. They say they are all united in their support for democracy in Iran and they are demanding basic human rights.

Demonstrators armed with massive Iranian flags and signs spoke out because those in Iran cannot, they said. They held a candlelight vigil Monday night to honor those Iranians who lost their lives in the weekend violence. More than half-a-dozen anti-government protesters died in Tehran alone.

Those organizing Mondays rally in Irvine say they are saddened and angered by the violence that has broken out.

"The Basijis, the undercover police there, were running over people in the cars. I just couldn't believe that just for protesting out in the streets, which is your basic freedom right, that you basically get shot for it," said demonstrator Arezo Rashidian.

"We want to bring our voice out, we don't want this regime. We are tired of this regime. This is not the regime for human rights and democracy in Iran," said Mike Kazerouni, another demonstrator.

Protesters do say that they believe Iran is on the path to freedom, but they do fear how many lives will be lost in the fight to gain that freedom.

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