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'Deep End' stars says show is challenging

January 28, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Actors Billy Zane and Tina Majorino tell entertainment reporter George Pennacchio that "Deep End" is challenging.Billy Zane plays the head of a top Los Angeles law firm in the new drama "The Deep End." And "The Deep End" is where the young associates in his firm may be swimming.

Tina Majorino is one of the five rookie lawyers being mentored by Zane. Both actors are known for their film work, but are enjoying working on a weekly series.

"The fun part is that you really never know what is going to happen with your character. When you're doing a film you kind of know the beginning, middle and end," said Majorino. "With a TV show there's so much possibility that it keeps you on your toes, it's a challenge because you don't know week to week what your character is going to get into."

Both Zane and Majorino are used to challenges that they are often faced with on screen and enjoy going to work.

"It's a different kind of identity that the audience has with the character. I mean people identify with some of the film characters we do I'm sure, but I've witnessed and surely have been told that there is a different relationship," said Zane. "I mean you're basically coming into, well I guess we are always coming into, people's living rooms. But it's a more personal dynamic as far as the work experience. What I love about it is the professionalism. The experience I think emulates the old studio system of cinema and Hollywood so that's nice -- it's nice to go to work."

"The Deep End" airs Thursday at 8 p.m. on ABC7.