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LAX flights canceled due to Northeast storm

February 10, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
There are lots of frustrated travelers at airports across the nation, as two blizzards pounded the Northeast. Several flights in and out of LAX have been canceled or delayed as a result.At LAX, the security line is long with many passengers hoping to get to the East Coast. Virgin Airlines was one of many airlines forced to cancel a flight to New York earlier Wednesday, but their redeye flight Wednesday night is still on schedule.

"My friend actually gave up and is not going, because they kept getting rescheduled and rescheduled," said Chris Horan, a Los Angeles resident.

"I did check with Virgin. They did tell me that it is still confirmed, but I just want to double check right here with the ladies to make sure I'm still going to be able to make it on my flight tonight," said Verone Pangilinan, a La Mirada resident.

Across the nation, nearly 6,000 flights have been canceled due to a crippling snow storm in the East. Seventeen states are under winter advisories or warnings, and seven of them are blizzards.

"We're experiencing blizzard conditions in every single county in every part of Maryland," said Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley.

In Washington, the Capitol building has virtually disappeared under the snow. The federal government has been shut down since midday Friday at a cost of $100 million a day. Washington's two airports had no flights coming or going Wednesday.

New York's La Guardia airport is a ghost town.

"We're stuck in L.A.," said Kescha Spencer, a New York resident. Spencer and his wife are trying to get home after a long flight from New Zealand.

"We have hotel arrangements wet up. We figured we'd wait here until it's canceled, and then we'll go to the hotel, then we'll have a reservation for Friday," said Spencer.

Twenty-year-old Kescha Spencer is trying to get to Los Angeles but she is stranded in the Big Apple.

"They said the next available flight is on the 16th which is next Tuesday," said Spencer.

Laura Nativo and her Pomeranian Preston Casanova are heading to New York for the Westminster Dog Show.

"Since 8 o'clock in the morning, we just kept refreshing the browser on Virgin America to see if our flight was delayed, so we got lucky and I think we're going to make it," said Nativo.

Her celebrity pooch needs to be there by Friday to receive the Golden Paw award for charity.

"Preston has to make his flight. It's crucial," said Nativo.

They're reporting record snowfall in Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia, and the nation's Capitol will be shut down again Thursday for the fourth straight day. However, the snow in New York is tapering off overnight.