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Storm to bring heavy inland mountain snow

February 26, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
The local mountains are under a winter storm warning, and those who live there could see a good amount of snow this weekend. But it's welcome news to some folks.A powerful winter storm is heading our way, and we can expect plenty of rain and heavy snowfall. And all that new snow is a giddy prospect for some folks.

With snow sure to fall in Wrightwood over the weekend, firewood sales are sure to rise. That's why Larry Lange is getting all of his firewood ready for sale now, before the storm rolls in. Kind of like a squirrel storing his acorns.

"Got to stash them away before the storm comes," said Larry Lange, Lange's Wood Yard.

Up at Mountain High Ski Resort, they're sure ready for more snow. Even though it's been an incredible winter, it's time for a little touch-up on the slopes.

"It's a little soft right now, but that will firm up tonight," said John McColly, director of marketing, Mountain High. "We got the new stuff coming in on top of it, so it should be beautiful."

"It's great, nice, warm and sunny," said Redondo Beach resident Connor Albright.

Especially if you're playing hooky, like Albright did Friday. But the apple didn't fall far from the tree, because his father, who's a teacher, also skipped school for a weekend in the mountains.

"Well, I'm a teacher, so I'm playing hooky today too, so we don't care about the weather tomorrow, it'll be good either way," said Dave Albright.

But if you live in the burn areas, that remains to be seen.

In Lytle Creek, they're once again getting ready for flooding and mudslides. Sandbags line a frontage road along Interstate 15. Erosion is a constant problem up here in the foothills.

Part of Swarthout Canyon Road is still washed out after recent storms. But what will this storm bring?

Back at Lange's Wood Yard, there are two ways to answer that. Either monitor firewood sales, or better yet:

"I guess the best way to find out is to listen to the weather forecast, Channel 7," said Lange.