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Kristen Stewart at 'Runaways' premiere in L.A.

March 11, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning were on the red carpet for the premiere of their new film, 'The Runaways,' in Los Angeles on Thursday night.

"The Runaways" tells the coming-of-age story of the first all-girl rock band, Southern California teenagers who were thrust into rock stardom. Real-life rocker Joan Jett is played by Kristen Stewart in the film.

"It's surreal, it's amazing and I'm grateful that it's out there and that people will have a chance to look at the Runaways and, if they're interested, can go search out more stuff," said Jett.

When told Joan is glad she's playing her part, actress Kristen Stewart replied, "It's because Joan's happy. That's the only reason. I mean, it's like, that's everything to us and so the fact that Joan and Cherie are so amped and giddy, it's sort of, kind of, I mean, it's contagious. You can't be any other way."

"The Runaways" is based on Cherie Currie's re-written book about those Runaways days. In 1989, she wrote a version for young adults. In 2001, she took a different approach.

"I re-wrote the book in 2001 and told all the stories I couldn't tell in that young adult book. Maybe that sparked some interest," said Currie. "And next thing we knew, people were interested in making it into a film."

"I am so honored that I'm getting to play Cherie Currie," said actress Dakota Fanning. "I mean, she's -- I don't think a lot of people know her story and I don't think a lot of people are aware even who The Runaways are. So I hope that this movie kind of shows a new generation who they were and who she is."

"The Runaways" will be in theaters March 19.