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Natural Products Expo wraps up in O.C.

March 16, 2010 12:00:00 AM PDT
In Anaheim, last weekend over 56,000 retailers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs put on their comfy shoes and relaxed fit pants to taste their way through four exhibit halls full of natural products that attempt to set the trend for the coming year."A lot of the science is misinterpreted, but at this show there are people doing a real good job getting across the right message," said public health expert Chris Noonan.

If it's organic, natural or eco-friendly, you'll most likely find it at the Natural Product Expo.

Keep in mind "natural" has no government regulations.

"We have Saintly Sins which are 29 calories, 1 gram of fat and 5 carbohydrates," said Tracy Downey, Xan Chocolates.

"We have breakfast burritos, vegetarian burritos and vegan burritos," said Brendan Synnott, EVOL Burritos.

Organics remains king along with vitamin D and omega-3 fat products.

"This is a revolutionary delivery system for omega-3 fatty acids where you can get your adequate amount of EPA and DHA without burping up a fish taste later," said Stuart Tomc, Nordic Naturals.

Or how about your omega fats in a sweet swirl syrup to top your yogurt?

Many people are proponents of food as medicine. Something that was new this year at the Natural Product Expo was medicinal meal replacements.

Orgain, which is just 255 calories, is the world's first organic meal replacement. And according to the company's CEO it is "everything you want in a perfect meal."

B.R.A.T., which is another perfect-type meal, contains organic brown rice, apple, banana and tummy soothers, and is free of the top eight allergens.

Both products get a thumbs up as what to have when your down.

"If I put them up against an Ensure and some of these other products the organic value, especially when we're talking about people trying to heal, I think is so important," said dietitian Ashley Koff.

And many hope retailers will feel the same.

A lot of these companies won't make it to the next convention, but everybody gets a chance to see if it's really going to work," said Noonan.